Sunday, April 7, 2013


Now that the tri-ward single adult general conference dance is over, I'm excited to get some free time back. If you don't live in Happy Valley, this is a major semi-annual social event for three local Polynesian single adult wards. At each dance, all three wards perform numbers/skits related to an underlying theme. Not sure why but I volunteered to teach a step routine in line with this year's theme of Boot Camp.

Random Fact #1: I was on a step team in college (bet you didn't know that...)

Random Fact #2: I enjoy teaching (maybe you knew that...)

Given both facts, I thought this would be easy. We probably needed a couple three-hour long practices, right? Wrong. In total, we practiced 23 hours these last two weeks. I yelled, shushed and barked 5-6-7-8 a million times (seriously tho...) And then it was the night of the dance and my ward was up:

Sure, there are a bunch of mistakes... But the raw energy and unity is infectious (how about that random person jumping in at the end???) My ward tore it up! And while I'm happy to have my week nights back, I'll definitely miss counting off 5-6-7-8 to these knuckleheads. Salt-Lake Se-cond (stomp clap!)


  1. good job lai!!!! and i can fully hear your 5-6-7-8 barking lol.

  2. He knows how i felt during Songfest/cheerfest. #proudmoment