Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perky Blonde...

In January, I signed up for the Lehi - Thanksgiving Point half marathon on April 26, 2013. That was about four months to train. I could totally be in great shape for it, right? After putting together a detailed running plan, all I had to do was stick to it and I'd be jogging through the finish line like a malnourished Kenyan marathoner.

Except I didn't stick to my plan. Two jobs and school leave very little free time. I did jog three-five miles at least once a week. But my diet? The usual take outs... sigh. So you'd probably understand my panic as I approached the half marathon start line. And then it was go time. Below is a summary of my "journey"

At mile 3, my legs wanted to give up

At mile 5, I was passed by an elderly couple

At mile 7, I finally stopped jogging and started walking (halfway up a hill mind you)

At mile 9, I was still walking

At mile 10, I started jogging and caught up with a perky blonde.

At mile 12, perky blonde and I are running/walking while trying to beat each other

At finish line, perky blonde passes me two steps away from the finish line

Considering my current physical state, this is the most ambitious physical activity I've attempted. And while I wanted to give up between mile 7 and 10, I'm glad I did it. Who knows - I might sign up for another one...  And if perky blonde is there again, it's on!

Picture: Lee, Paul and I recovering after receiving our finisher medals...


  1. HAHAHA!! too many nights at Dee's ...and other unmentionable places.

  2. good job!!!! at least you can say you did a half marathon and you have the medal to prove it!!!