Thursday, September 22, 2011

The One About The Windy City...

I remember when my freshman roommate opened our door exposing the black envelope on the floor. My name was written in cursive gold lettering above a blood red wax seal. Fancy… I quickly learned that it was a bid or invitation to pledge Sigma Nu, the only fraternity on campus with a recruitment event I reluctantly attended because of the Lu’au theme and that my roommate looked ridiculous wearing all of the “island stuff” in my room. Receiving this bid was interesting news... Mike and I had discussed living together another year until he received a bid from another fraternity. I knew he secretly wanted to join Theta Delta but offered to decline if I had no one else to live with. Truth was, I didn’t have anyone else… And because I wasn’t prepared to spend the next year with someone hating me for crushing their dreams, I called Sigma Nu and accepted their invitation. I would be moving into their house in the fall.

Last week, I spent four days in Chicago reuniting with older Sigma Nus I haven’t seen since they graduated – at least 6 years! I flew in Thursday evening – hung out at a bro’s incredulous 91st floor apartment at the John Hancock Center, worked out of my firm’s local office on Friday before meeting up with the bro’s at Mercadito - an upscale Mexican restaurant. Our initial conversations were really awkward…

“So… what have you been up to since college?”

I think I recited the same response 7 times hoping to sound as if my life were incredibly interesting and work was self-fulfilling… Like I do in job interviews… Or beauty pageants… haha!

The rest of the weekend was a blur – swanky bars, underground clubs, Chicago Cubs game, beer die tourney, Stanford win over AZ,
McFaddens… I realized that my years in Sigma Nu (including 2 in the house) produced amazing memories temporarily suppressed by the
constant onslaught of my current life… I honestly forgot how close we all were six years ago. And I vowed not to forget… As I passed out in the backseat of my cab Sunday morning heading to O’Hare after just getting back from McFaddens, I realized that my risky choice to not live
with my freshman roommate paid off. ‘Cause when you think about it, is he blogging about a kick ass reunion with the bro’s? Nope! I
checked. He watched Family Guy all weekend… Lame. Haha! JK Mike!

Rose to EN.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The One That's Untitled...

Been feeling overwhelmingly uninspired lately. Not sure if I've swan dived into a funk but I haven't wanted to write in some time now. I learned in my teenage years that the urge to not pray truly meant it was necessary. Blogging seems to follow this same rule. Hope below updates are satisfactory until my new muse is found...

5 Mins Ago
- Bought a car for $500 (Timing couldn't be better as just lost my annual bus pass...)
- Enjoyed the last week with my mom, sister and younger brother (+ kids) during my cousin's funeral services this past weekend
- Adele live in concert

Right Now
- GMAT studying
- Working overtime (Car insurance + Gas = Hella Expensive)
- Living alone (Optional clothing night makes a comeback! Haha!)

On Deck
- Looking for a roommate (No small feat... More crazies in SLC than people realize...)
- Career choices (Grad school vs New opportunities)
- Upcoming trips (Chicago in a week, Thailand in a month)