Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The One That's Untitled...

Been feeling overwhelmingly uninspired lately. Not sure if I've swan dived into a funk but I haven't wanted to write in some time now. I learned in my teenage years that the urge to not pray truly meant it was necessary. Blogging seems to follow this same rule. Hope below updates are satisfactory until my new muse is found...

5 Mins Ago
- Bought a car for $500 (Timing couldn't be better as just lost my annual bus pass...)
- Enjoyed the last week with my mom, sister and younger brother (+ kids) during my cousin's funeral services this past weekend
- Adele live in concert

Right Now
- GMAT studying
- Working overtime (Car insurance + Gas = Hella Expensive)
- Living alone (Optional clothing night makes a comeback! Haha!)

On Deck
- Looking for a roommate (No small feat... More crazies in SLC than people realize...)
- Career choices (Grad school vs New opportunities)
- Upcoming trips (Chicago in a week, Thailand in a month)

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  1. What about optional clothing summer Saturdays? hahahahahaha