Monday, January 25, 2010

The One About Turning 26


I've decided to join the millions of nerds (yes tiff, you're def a nerd...) expressing themselves through this blog media. Not sure if it's the best use of my time but I'm hoping to flex my flabby creative muscles this year. Plus, I secretly think I'm undeniably witty so this blog actually serves as a platform for my ego.

To properly introduce myself, listed important info below:

- Just turned 26.

- Single

- 2nd year in Salt Lake City

- Homeowner (now I'm bragging...)

- Samoan

After much deliberation, I've decided to dedicate my first blog post to my recent birthday. 26 just doesn't sit well with me. Growing up, I imagined my 26-year-old self being more distinguished - fit, fun social life, financially stable job (when not occasionally traveling and/or secretly saving the world from terrorists).

Not to say my life is void of any excitement. Instead, I'm looking for ways to merge these self-imposed expectations with my current life. T-lai 3GS upgrade, if you will (miss my iphone...) And I'm already plagued with a bunch of questions: How do I act more like a 26 year-old? And even more thought-provoking, how is this new behavior any different from my 2009 version. While I'd love to discuss possible answers, I don't think my badass 26 self would even be caught contemplating cliche graduation speech sounding hooplah about reaching untapped potential.

*whew* dodged a sappy solilquoy bullet back there... Real talk, there are obviously ways to make my life more fulfilling. But I'll find my way. This road less traveled has bent in the undergrowth. And it's making all the difference.

Here's to making 26 work. Of course, you'll definitely be in the loop.