Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One About Being Partially Right...

As my younger brother reached out and gently touched his wife’s baby bump, my other brother, sister and I sat across from each other eagerly awaiting the announcement of the baby’s gender. I knew that my younger brother wanted a daughter to complete his family now that he’d had his son. But to be completely honest, I wanted another boy. Not that it was up to me… haha.

As the Cheesecake Factory waitress brought over a third basket of wheat bread and butter (don't judge us...), my brother polled our guesses on his baby's gender. My sister guessed a female. I guessed a male. My brother knew already and didn't guess... And I was right! I was going to have another nephew! Except I wasn't entirely right... Turns out, my brother is having twin boys! And just like that, his family now grew to five. That will now make five Fonoti grandchildren including my two nieces. We're expanding! haha.

Of course, I'm over the moon about these latest events. And yet, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have a twin. Imagine if I had one! We'd be unstoppable! hahaha. I'm so excited for this next generation. An entire world awaits them. I just need to start adding to this generation. The twins will need younger cousins to watch over... haha.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The One About Ray...

I knew it was only a matter of time... I mean, I knew it would eventually happen... Just thought it'd surface as an issue when I was 60 and could pass it off as a result of metal dementia...

Last night, I went out with some friends to Poplar Pub - a hipster bar known to attract an eclectic mix of people. Think of your high school cafeteria and add three bars, pool tables and a secluded patio. While shooting the breeze under the warmth of a heating lamp in this patio, I was totally taken aback when I heard a couple voices calling out for Ray.

Nothing weird, right? Except they're calling out to me. I'm Ray.

In 2008, I interviewed with a manager at an investment bank. She struggled with my first name and asked to use my middle name - Ray. I agreed immediately as I was more concerned with getting the job. At that time, I would have answered to any name if it meant being hired. Almost three years later, Ray has developed a number of great relationships with people in various parts of the world. Only problem is... None of my non-work friends know about Ray. I don't know how it was never brought it up... Alright, that's a lie. haha. I was worried about the perception of me selling out to the Man and the implication that I am embarrassed of my first name.

Back at the Poplar patio, I jumped out of my seat and rushed over to say hi to my coworkers. We chatted and after promising to see them later, I came back to some very confusing looks. I'll skip the incredibly awkward conversation. But it was interesting to find out that it's not really a big deal to find out your friend has a "professional name". If you think about it, I'm now in the same company as Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker and Hannah Montana... (thanks Phil Dumphy)

Yes, my friends were very cool about it. They were much more receptive than my family who used to call my work phone and laugh hysterically after I answered, Hi - this is Ray... But it's one more thing that my friends know about me. I wonder when they'll find out I have a blog... haha.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The One About 2010...

The Holidays passed by like a Tazmanian Devil-esque blur. I spent Christmas Eve hanging out with 3 different families before jet setting to St Louis for an amazing dinner and great seats to a 49er smack down by the Rams. Next year, Frisco!

New Years was even more of a haze. I munched on Bongos while watching re-runs of my favorite tv shows before being persuaded to hit up a downtown spot. We only just arrived at the entrance of Club Hotel when bright fireworks lit up the snowy sky indicating the arrival of 2011. Fast-forward a couple hours and I'm peeling a sick girl off of my bathroom floor and cursing her intoxicated male friend for accidentally breaking the handle of my screen door. Great times...

One day later, I'm headed to Miami for the Orange bowl and spend invaluable time getting to know my cousin, Kassie and her family. I'm most inspired by this couple's incredible drive. Kassie recently launched her own photography business and is intent on forging a self-sustaining career. Her husband is doing the same in sports.

I started 2010 (and this blog) with the idea of better understanding myself. What I have come to learn is that I spent a significant amount of time waiting for something great to happen to me. For something (or someone) to somehow reposition me in this new fabulous life that I was meant to live - perhaps an even better career opportunity or an unbelievably attractive family of my own. I recently learned two crucial lessons in 2010: 1) I must earn a trip to Oz 2) The yellow brick road is a difficult undertaking. Somehow, I've been unfairly blessed/lucky with fortunate incidents thus far. It's time I roll up my sleeves and really begin toiling.

And as my (27th) birthday begins, I just want to thank my parents for their infinite love. Kassie's husband asked me what I would buy if I won Florida's $34 million lottery jackpot. My first thought was to spoil my parents with outlandish gifts. Unfortunately, even that wouldn't compare to what they've given me and my siblings. Alofa atu Mom and Dad.