Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The One About 2010...

The Holidays passed by like a Tazmanian Devil-esque blur. I spent Christmas Eve hanging out with 3 different families before jet setting to St Louis for an amazing dinner and great seats to a 49er smack down by the Rams. Next year, Frisco!

New Years was even more of a haze. I munched on Bongos while watching re-runs of my favorite tv shows before being persuaded to hit up a downtown spot. We only just arrived at the entrance of Club Hotel when bright fireworks lit up the snowy sky indicating the arrival of 2011. Fast-forward a couple hours and I'm peeling a sick girl off of my bathroom floor and cursing her intoxicated male friend for accidentally breaking the handle of my screen door. Great times...

One day later, I'm headed to Miami for the Orange bowl and spend invaluable time getting to know my cousin, Kassie and her family. I'm most inspired by this couple's incredible drive. Kassie recently launched her own photography business and is intent on forging a self-sustaining career. Her husband is doing the same in sports.

I started 2010 (and this blog) with the idea of better understanding myself. What I have come to learn is that I spent a significant amount of time waiting for something great to happen to me. For something (or someone) to somehow reposition me in this new fabulous life that I was meant to live - perhaps an even better career opportunity or an unbelievably attractive family of my own. I recently learned two crucial lessons in 2010: 1) I must earn a trip to Oz 2) The yellow brick road is a difficult undertaking. Somehow, I've been unfairly blessed/lucky with fortunate incidents thus far. It's time I roll up my sleeves and really begin toiling.

And as my (27th) birthday begins, I just want to thank my parents for their infinite love. Kassie's husband asked me what I would buy if I won Florida's $34 million lottery jackpot. My first thought was to spoil my parents with outlandish gifts. Unfortunately, even that wouldn't compare to what they've given me and my siblings. Alofa atu Mom and Dad.


  1. Love it! Umm..and can you please not ever just bounce like you did tonight?? ;) Xoxo.. haha

  2. :) So happy to have you here.. it was so fun! I can't wait to see you again and I hope your birthday is amazing today...

    PS, Im trying to win the POWERBALL out here...
    Monday, here we come!

  3. Love ya Taualai. We must spend more time together in 2011 and when you're ready to decorate, you know who to call! Have a great birthday!

  4. This was AWESOME!!!! LOVED IT... 2011 Is YOURS!!!

  5. hey taualai! we were in utah the week after new years and i saw laauli and his little family, so cute! ofcourse, i was more interested to know where you were, hehe-- he said you were in florida! i am so sad i didn't get to see you, but i'm glad you had an awesome holiday! thanks for sharing :) i love your 2010 reflection and your goals for the new year! hope you are healthy and well. take care, much love!