Saturday, December 18, 2010

The One About the 2 W's...

Greetings from America's windy city - Seattle!

After a full day of wandering the hilly streets of the University of Washington area, I'm back in my sister's cozy apartment incredibly full and slightly congested... I'm in need of a great weekend and nothing reenergizes me like family. Two things have been on my mind lately: 1) Work 2) Weight

1) The firm recently announced annual promotions and I decided to work my tail off so I'm the lucky recipient of a new title and pay raise next year. And while I'm willing to put in the 60+ hours/week to get ahead, I'm anxious about the significant opportunity cost: social/active life. Sounds trivial, right? I thought so too... Except I was free last weekend and could only think of two friends (not related to me) that I still somewhat keep in touch with. I ended up catching up on tv shows on hulu/DVR instead... My dvr never complains about my lack of attentiveness... haha. But the question remains, how important is work-life balance at this stage of my life?

2) I started going to the gym last week. It's fairly obvious that I gained 20+ lbs... And while I've been relying on my broad shoulders and great height to hide this weight, I really need to eat better and incorporate Uli's exercise regimen. He's in great shape (good) but knows it (not good haha).... But I am more resolved after weighing myself on the gym scale - a balance beam type medical scale I've used at various hospitals. I stepped on and exhaled as much air as possible hoping to lose a pound or so. As I set the bottom notch to 250 (TMI, I know...) and began pushing the top notch to my usual weight area (without breathing...), the balance did not move. So I nudged the top notch another 5 lbs, and the balance remained still. Beginning to panic (still without new oxygen), I finally nudged it another 10 lbs before the balance began evening out. As I gasped for air, I recalled every over-indulgent meal this summer including the large Papa Johns pizza I polished off the night before...

So that's what I'm dealing with... (awkward transition, I know...) But I'm excited for the holidays. Not entirely sure about my plans yet. But I am definitely going to Miami on Jan 1st for the Orange Bowl on Jan 3rd. Until then, you can find me at work and Planet Fitness until the gym scale, new indicator of my life, balances out.

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  1. I'll see you there!! When I compare myself now to where I was last year, while incorporating Uli's ab regime, I kinda want to drive my car off a cliff.