Sunday, November 28, 2010

The One About Thankgiving...

Thanksgiving is over. Halleluia!!! Since I moved to Salt Lake City two years ago, Thanksgiving has been more about surviving than celebrating. In ‘08, my sleep deprived self had no choice but to dominate other Black Friday shoppers (reminiscent of Shaq circa 1999 when everyone joined the ‘Fakers’ bandwagon…) in order to walk/run away with a 48-inch Samsung LCD flat-screen tv. I still feel bad for the littered bodies leading to the Walmart cash register... haha.

Last year, I came home from a Thanksgiving dinner only to discover the front door wide open. My Wii, Apple laptop and hard earned Samsung tv were stolen. Damn you, Karma! To make matters worse, SLC police and I were bested by a mastermind thief. After dusting my living room for an hour, the police could not discern a single print or clue. Ugh - even my own detective skills developed after reading the entire Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew series as a child failed me. I thought we'd at least find a shoe print or hair follicle... haha.

This year, my mom and sister Rochelle flew in for the holiday. Along with both brothers (and Uli's family) we almost had the entire family together - a rare feat for a family of seven living in four different cities. And boy did we relish every second of this past weekend. Highlights include:

FOOD - Thanksgiving Lunch! Cocoa Rice (Samoan dessert) for midnight snack! Trifle! With my sister's cooking on point, I need to get on a(nother) diet asap.

BONDING - We talked and laughed about everything. And nothing brings people together like shopping in Park City till 4:30am. That includes an hour spent looking for my sister...

I truly enjoyed this Thanksgiving weekend and am extremely grateful for my family. We have such a deep-rooted history that has bound us to each other. And we're learning about each as adults now. This is a new experience for us. As my mom and sister return back to Samoa and Seattle, I can't wait to see them again in February.

Until then, I still have a large bowl of leftover potato salad to eat - reminder of a thanksgiving I survived and thoroughly enjoyed. Take care, fam.


  1. Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving! Is your mom living in Samoa now? I thought she was in Hawaii?

  2. Yups but my parents go between Samoa and Hawaii often.

  3. Awww. I remember last years thanksgiving. That sucked so bad. Hardy Boys was a full on waste of time. You should have been reading Sweet Valley High like I was....