Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The One About Kanaval...

He asked me if I wanted to dance in a paint can. It was already 2am and yet the Caribbean guitar riffs  crackling in the air were unbelievably energizing. I said yes. 5 minutes later, this happened.

If you haven't been to Hispaniola, do it! I spent seven days touring both sides of the island -  Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo and Santiago) and Haiti (Cap Haitien). Of course, Haiti's national Kanaval was by far the craziest and largest 3-day party I've experienced. But DR was no slouch. El Meson De La Cava in Santo Domingo (actual restaurant in a cave) offered the best 16 oz steak I've had in awhile... And at only $30 USD. The capital city also had interesting sites related to Christopher Columbus.

This trip was 'zactly what I needed to regroup after a busy couple months. Ready to push these next couple months. Until my next trip... haha. China in May.