Saturday, January 12, 2013

The One About 2012...

10 Best/Worst Moments of 2012!

WORST: Stanford loses to Oklahoma State in nail-biting Fiesta Bowl

Two words: Andrew. Luck. Sure, he's balling out as the Colts' record-setting QB. But his last game (and BCS bowl game at that!) in a Cardinal jersey should have ended with a 'W' and me rushing the field. Instead, Oklahoma made a field goal after Stanford blew one completely wide to seal the game. What should have been an epic celebration melted into jeers of "Laces Out!"

BEST: International Vacations

Peru (Lima and Cusco), Australia (Sydney), Samoa (Apia) and Italy (Rome).Yours truly visited four very different international locations in 2012. Macchu Picchu in Peru is a lock for the top spot. It's also where I committed to visiting each of the New seven wonders of the world. Two down. Five more to go. Takeaway for 2013: How to get paid for traveling and exploring different countries...

WORST: Sick as a dog

In early summer, I felt ragged. And I couldn't kick a cough for three weeks. So at my manager's insistence, I went to the local hospital for a checkup. Turns out, I had walking pneumonia and strep throat. Gaaah! Not sure how this happened but I was immediately placed on meds and quarantined in my room for an entire week.
A follow up meeting with my doctor led me to believe that my stress levels were unusually high. Definitely a wake up call to take care of myself.

BEST: Work Opportunities

In May, I was asked to help build out a new team related to loans and equity investments benefitting low to moderate income communities. This would be in addition to my current responsibilities. Seven months (and two business trips to NYC!) later, I'm near completion of my mandate and ready for a new challenge. Keeping my fingers crossed that another amazing opportunity (travel included pls...) comes my way.


Don't feel the need to elaborate any further.

Miss you, Dad.

BEST:  New Church Calling

I can completely relate to Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit. While minding my own business, I became engaged in confusing but playful wordplay with an elderly fellow. While Bilbo met Gandolph, I was introduced to Bishop McMurray. He oversees the church/ward I attend. Two months later, he asked me to serve as Activities Committee Chair. As it's a pretty large undertaking, I, like Bilbo, was hesitant. But the relationships and blessings stemming from this position were worth overturning any initial hesitation.

BEST/WORST: Old/New Roommate

Photo: What did I do wrong to you snow?!!!! GRRRR. You stuffed up my car now gonna sled around. Lol #letsfightsnow
Vanity made my list last year as my new adorkable roommate. I find it rare to meet someone else so different yet completely complimentary. Which is why it was a bummer that she moved out in September. But then Ese moved in soon after. Technically my niece, Ese isn't at all like Vanity. And I'm grateful for that. Ese is undeniably fiery and wears her heart on her sleeve - the traits I definitely want to be surrounded with in 2013.

WORST: Weight gain

I knew I had put on some weight after the holidays in 2011. But any holiday weight is usually gone by spring. No big deal. And then I saw recent pictures of me... Growing up in Hawaii/Samoa, we used to make fun of people that moved to the mainland and got huge... I'm now one of them. Just look at my family picture. haha.

BEST: Christmas with the entire family

With my dad passing away in July, it was imperative that my whole family be together for the holidays. I didn't think it was possible but by Christmas Eve, my mom, siblings and grandchildren were chilling in my living room. In typical fashion, we ate, laughed and gave counsel. It was one of my father's hopes fulfilled - that our family bond remain as close-knit as it was when he was alive. 

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  1. oooo activities coordinator! that's the best calling ever! you're so perfect for it :)