Sunday, October 3, 2010

The One That Took So Long...


Slept over at my cousin's house last night and am the first to wake up this morning. Wish I could sleep in like everyone else but I struggle sleeping anywhere else but my bed... After checking my gmail, facebook, (do it!), I realize I haven't blogged in almost two months. Whoa... How did that happen?!

But after reading the last couple blog entries, thought I'd update on some of them.

It didn't work out with Lolita and Lloyd (read here). Lloyd didn't respond well to my fb msg. I think he thought I was crazy. No homie, you're the crazy one for not liking Lolita. And is it really that random? Has he never seen a Hollywood romance movie/lifetime made-for-tv movie? I probably burnt that bridge... but oh well, flame on! hahaha.

My cousin Elder Lehi Kakiva is in town before beginning his LDS Mission on weds. It blows my mind that he's about to leave for two years. I can tell he's def ready. Still debating on a present for him...

My younger brother and his fam slept over friday night. It was great to see them including my sister-in-law. I had dvr'd the first two episodes of Glee so we watched it together with my brothers over McDonald's 50-piece chicken mcnuggets. I swear, McDonalds really brings families together. We could have easily looked like a commercial for the golden arches... haha. Prob better than the urban direction their ads have been going lately...

It's been 3 months since I've traveled internationally. It's a personal goal of mine to explore a new country every 3-4 months. I think it's a result of watching Carmen San Diego (animation and game show) as a child. I spoke with my cousin Tumua - who's husband plays for the San Francisco 49ers. The team has an exhibition game in London against the Broncos on Halloween. So guess who's going??? ME! Very exciting because I can visit Oxford - where I spent 4 months attending Oxford University.

This month's goals:

MORE: sleep, exercise, housework, church
LESS: eating, spending $$$, tv

Until next time, gumshoe! (Anyone get the reference?)


  1. I read this and became obsessed wtih knowing what the story was about lolita...hahaha.. love your blog!!!

  2. I liked what you did for "Lolita." I might be embarrassed if a friend did that for me, but I also think I'd really appreciate it since I lack any ability to be assertive with my feelings. Clearly, "Lolita" deserves someone a bit more romantical than this "Lloyd" character! :)

  3. hahahaha. When reading this with your voice in my head it is even more funny... And yes, I did get the reference. "And is it really that random? Has he never seen a Hollywood romance movie/lifetime made-for-tv movie?" hahahaha

  4. hey taualai! you are such a great writer. i am going to be a faithful follower of your blog and be updated with your life stories :) hope all is well. can we hang out next time you come to hawaii? lol miss you lots. much love, lilika.

  5. PS: I met your cousin Tumua and Isaac here at a banquet they had for the UH team right before the season started! Lovelovelove them, please send my regards :) So excited for you to be traveling abroad, okay you get the trophy for world traveler! Much love