Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The One About A Sad Love Song...

Around 3:30pm on Sunday, I woke up (from my midday nap...) to my phone's jarring ring tone. Groggily, I answered the phone and was surprised to hear from a close friend I haven't seen in a month. Fifteen minutes later, I'm enjoying Panda Express' orange chicken and catching up on the last month. We discussed work, our families and upcoming vacations. After a slightly awkward silence with which I could tell my friend was mulling over something, she decided to break the news about a relationship I had known about. For privacy reasons, let's call my friend "Lolita" (I'm a fan of the name...).

Through some random occurrences, Lolita started talking to a guy she somewhat knew in the Bay Area. Over facebook/text messaging, Lolita and "Lloyd" began a friendly relationship sharing their favorite foods, movies and dislikes. Eventually, they evolved to using Skype to discuss more personal perspectives on marriage, children and religion. Within the course of three months, Lolita and Lloyd talked almost daily. Lolita once texted (in typical dramatic fashion) Lloyd that she was so upset and wanted to die. He believed her and called clearly upset that she could even contemplate suicide. And so Lolita began thinking Lloyd had deeper feelings for her. Even more surprising, Lolita realized she truly cared for Lloyd.

Now that we're all on the same page, let's return to me eating orange chicken... I'm pouring more soy sauce on the (slightly dry) fried rice when Lolita explains her recent visit to the Bay Area. She ends up meeting up with Lloyd. Mind you reader, this is the first time they've interacted in person. While conversing delectable topics, Lloyd tells Lolita that he is trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend. KABOOM! Lloyd never mentioned this particular ex. POW! Lloyd never mentioned he still liked another girl. BAM! Lloyd never mentioned he even liked Lolita. And after taking this street fighter worthy combo, Lolita tells Lloyd that she genuinely likes him. And had the feeling he liked her too. To which Lloyd apologizes because he thought they were just friends. Agh! The dreaded f-word.... Except our heroine will not be overcome. Lolita confidently tells Lloyd that she is an amazing woman with much to offer. And he could be that special beneficiary if he chose to be. Awesome comeback!

While writing this blog, I could possible analyze gender differences in dating, distance relationships, addition of polynesian culture and other variables associated with this particular situation. But what would that lead to? How is this significant? Lolita reminded me this afternoon that she would be be back in the Bay Area this weekend to watch a broadway musical. Lolita had no intention of letting Lloyd know that she would be back in town.

Instead of only discussing this tragic love story on my blog, I decided to add myself as the protagonist. Or possibly antagonist depending on the outcome... I could not let Lolita visit the Bay Area without an attempt at a happy ending. About 15 minutes ago, I facebook messaged Lloyd telling him Lolita would be in town this weekend. I told Lloyd that I understand his platonic feelings for Lolita. Sometimes the most obvious answers are always the closest - we simply have not yet recognized it's true worth. I encouraged Lloyd to view Lolita differently this time.

Was I wrong to meddle? Possibly... But I wasn't going to be another blogger discussing why men are from mars and women are from... I think you get my point. And if you're reading this, Lolita, consider me one of those smooth djs playing Sunday night love songs. I'm a romantic at heart, spinning grooves hoping the perfect woman and the right man connect. Good luck this weekend! You know where to take me for another update...

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