Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eat, Pray, Move?

After quitting Goldman Sachs, I planned a five week trip through the Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii). At the time, I had no idea how necessary this trip was. Like I needed to sojourn on my own version of Eat, Pray, Love... haha! 

- I love to eat. It's just who I am. And while I was hoping to avoid gaining any additional weight... I knew it would be difficult being on vacation for 5 weeks and staying with family that would surely spoil me. It was in Auckland that I noticed my clothes getting a little tighter... But did I care? Hell no, I yelled while devouring delicious meat pies, sausage rolls and Samoan food 

- While in Cairns, I was super excited to scuba dive for the first time. And at the Great Barrier Reef no less! After diving the first of eight meters, I started hyperventilating. Despite my best efforts, these sob-like breaths were uncontrollable. And then I visualized the word BREATHE in bold black capital letters. After repeatedly tracing the word in my mind, I finally calmed down. I've started to adopt this strategy when frustrated. 

- I've always wanted to attend Teuila Festival. The annual week-long arts celebration is known for hosting the Miss Samoa pageant. But it's so much more. With a jam-packed schedule of competitions ranging from best cocktail, most impressive barista and traditional Samoan dancing (including fire-knife), it felt amazing to be enveloped in my culture while in the motherland. 

After a couple days in Samoa, I kept thinking that this island would be my new home. I tried to resist this idea. C'mon, I'm pretty American and not ready to live 3rd world... But then again, I've been in Salt Lake City for five years and am ready for a change. So it's official - moving to Samoa in January 2014. Can't wait!  And for anyone that reads this blog, start planning your trip out. I'm one helluva tour guide... haha!


  1. OOH EMM GEEE. This is crazy. And what a dream of a vacation. I want to hear more about your SCUBA experience. I am so addicted to it. When I visit you in Samoa do you want to dive again?? We REALLY need to catch up... so many questions...

  2. Awesome!! American Samoa or Western?

  3. how exciting!!! i been telling dionne for years that i'm going to visit her in apia. one day soon, god-willing!!