Monday, July 2, 2012

The One About the Seaman...

When my younger brother turned 25 last week, I realized I missed him immensely. I don't know why. He's quick to point out my weight gain. Complains incessantly about my singing. Borrows clothes/shoes without permission. Haha! I could go on... In some ways, he'll always be my little brother. I still feel the need to pay for his meals, buy him gifts from my travels and somehow attempt to make his life easier. In some ways I feel guilty for when I was in college and rarely kept in touch during his latter high school years. At one point of our childhood, we were all we had. It wasn't until he was almost done with college that I realized how quickly he had matured outside my peripheral. 

My brother spent the last four months at the Great Lakes naval training academy. I decided to spend this last weekend in Chicago catching up with him in this new chapter. My brother is still a kid... Laughs hysterically at any accidental reference to toilets. Haha! And yet I could tell how the military ingrained a more disciplined mentality. He's more grown. And probably doesn't need my help. I still can't help but be here for him in case he does. 

Chicago was a blast. Sydney tomorrow night. 


  1. I get do jealous of your traveling stories! Your brother is lucky to have u. Hope Sydney was a blast!! (:

  2. awww.. please say hello to Uli for me. I love this update. Text me when ya get back? WE MUST CATCH UP..i miss you.