Sunday, May 13, 2012

The One About Bob...

I woke up this morning and didn't recognize my own room. Even the sunlight peering through my window looked... different.

It wasn't NYC.

I just spent two weeks working in NYC. Two weeks is a long time anywhere. And I immediately fit in. My full-length strides matched colleagues while simultaneously multi-tasking my personal iphone and work blackberry. Haha! As soon as I graduate, I'm moving out of SLC. Not sure where but NYC is a top contender.

Probably a tacky move (c'mon it's me...) but I inconspicuously snapped a pic of my personal driver during my trip. "Bob" met me at JFK airport and was extremely helpful as we navigated the city. And yet this picture sums up my trip perfectly. I've been to NYC a number of times. But never have I felt that it was more than just a work trip. Not sure if she remembers but before leaving to college, my mom told me that there are few opportunities, if we are mindful and recognize its potential, with the ability to change our lives completely. I can't help but recognize this opportunity as such. Like Fate is calling me up to bat. In my case, Fate is a burly white man named Bob... haha! Be on the lookout for Bob when your opportunity arises!


  1. yes please move out there so i can visit you every weekend. lol. be sure to send bob to pick me up ok?

  2. Nice. I would have taken a photo too! PS - I am starting school in the fall. You over-achieving Master's students have pressured me into it....

  3. I hear from my sister in law who is serving in NYC that she just absolutely loves it out there. Please move there, so me and Pulu have a place to stay, a tour guide and transportation! lmbo jk hahaha I think it's good, it's nice to explore esp when you have no kids!! Live it up!!