Monday, February 20, 2012

The One About the U...

Red is my favorite color. Don't worry, I'm not gang affiliated (anymore). It's just been a part of every school I've attended. Kahuku's colors are red and white. St Louis rocked red and blue. Stanford kept it classy at white and cardinal (preppy red) So when I was accepted into the University of Utah's MBA program, I realized that my yellow brick road is actually red and fashionably compliments my ruby red chucks.

I was initially disturbed by the lack of diversity in Utah's MBA program. In our class of 55 students, only 5 are ethnic minorities. There are also only 5 females. Regardless, this is an amazing opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. It won't be easy. I'm already having a hard time motivating myself to complete problem sets instead of camping on tv... One thing I am particularly excited to see is a large population of pacific island undergrad students. They are everywhere. Hopefully they consider Utah's graduate programs later in their careers. If their favorite color is also red, it's probably already destined...

But be forewarned. While I'm happy to be a Ute, my allegiance still belongs to Stanford during next season's pac-12 clash... In the meantime, I'm hoping to crash undergrad parties as a sketchy grad student... haha!

Upcoming Events: Exploring Peru/Machu Pichu in three weeks. Half Marathon in nine weeks. Wish me luck!


  1. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Good luck in everything! XoXo

  2. OMG your motivation is killing me. I am actually flirting with the idea of the BYU executive MPA program the thought of going back gives me hives - especially at BYU. When we do dinner I am going to try and make sure some of your "go get em'-ness" rubs off. And yes, that is a word. hehe

  3. HAHAHAH! MALO SKETCHY GRAD STUDENT! Congrats cuz, I will follow suit (someday)...