Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The One About EW...

Truth: I have a secret obsession for pop culture.

Don't worry, I'm not one of those spastic teens on TRL (remember that show?). I'm very subtle. Like when Cee-lo and I accidentally collided at Heathrow Airport, he had no idea I was obsessed with Gnarls Barkley. By the time I accepted his apology, my facebook friends were already liking our chance encounter including my random observation that his unusually soft hands smelled like cream cheese frosting...

And to ensure that I'm always in the loop, I surf Entertainment Weekly's online site ( at least once a day during the work week. It's not a trashy gossip site but a review of movies, tv shows, books and music. One thing I love about EW is their annual list of pop culture's best and worse moments. It's interesting to see which artists and events had a lasting impact. And I couldn't help but wonder what an EW issue would look like featuring my life in 2011. Well, wonder no more! Because I haven't blogged in over two months, I've decided to present my 10 Best and Worse moments of 2011.

Puerto Rico/Thailand - BEST

2011 trips include Miami, Hawaii, Seattle and San Francisco but none can hold a candle to this year's international destinations. And because I couldn't decide between Puerto Rico and Thailand, I'm giving them both the top spot. Just how good were these vacations? After both vacations, I temporarily forgot what I do at work. Now that's how you know you had a good time.

Dad's Misprognosis - WORST

I blogged about my father having these scary black outs. I then spent the next week with him as doctors conducted multiple tests in hopes of determining the root cause. Just when it seemed that he would be discharged, a female doctor told my father that there was partial blockage in a heart valve. As a result, he was now terminal and only had a year left. My father's silence was deafening. Hearing him relay the news to my siblings was extremely difficult. I've never seen such humility as my father understood and accepted his limited mortality. And then it dissappeared in a string of curses as we realized that the doctor (still within initial stages of residency) had misdiagnosed the blockage.

Missing Twin's Church Blessings - WORST

Best: Twin nephews were born this year. My father flew in from Hawaii to help bless the newborn twins in our church. Worst: We slept in and didn't have a proper ride from Salt Lake City to Utah County (about 40 minute drive). My father and I got to the church just as my younger brother finished blessing his sons. It broke my heart to see my father miss this special occasion involving his newest grandsons.

Adele LIVE! - BEST

I can still remember the first time I heard Chasing Pavements. The sad yet sentimental lyrics blew me away. And so did the first single off of Adele's sophomore album, 21. I've seen a number of amazing artists live. But none had me completely spellbound by the raw emotion, sassy chatter and vocal prowess of this British songbird. I dare you find anyone else with the same allure without back up dancers or pyrotechnics.

New Roommate - BEST

I randomly told my female friend/former coworker that I was looking for a roommate. I had no idea she would throw her own hat in the ring. And even more shocking, I thought it would be a great idea. Two months later, I vaguely remember life before she moved in. If you've seen the tv sitcom, New Girl, my roommate gives Jess a run for her money in the adorkable department. Looking forward to many more adventures in 2012.

Used Car for Sale - WORST

I normally lie that I spent $500 on this car. Truth is that I slid $600 in cash across a table at the local Carls Jr (I should have known then it was a mistake!). Mr X handed me the keys and led me towards the fastfood restaurant's dumpster. I immediately dubbed the car, Buster. Sure, Buster gets me from point A to point B. At this point of my life, I was secretly hoping to arrive at Point B in style. Not park a block away from work and pray that no one sees me. BBC's Keeping Up Appearances, anyone?

Revenge - BEST

TV shows/movies driven by lead females are hit or miss. These characters always seem overly emotional or robotic (and sometimes both... Looking at you, Bella Swan!) It's for this reason why I'm in awe of Kill Bill, Nikita (latest tv effort) and now Revenge. If my father took the fall for a heinous crime committed by his super-wealthy friends, I would exact revenge in the same manner Emily Thorne does. She navigates Hampton's slippery society with a confident (and pearly white) smile all the while plotting her enemy's downfall. The overwhelming number of twists and turns will definitely keep me warm this long winter season.


Standardized tests suck. And the GMAT is no exception. As much as I think an MBA would supplement my work experience, I am still disturbed by the need to ace this Business School entrance exam. I didn't get my ideal score. But I'd rather take my chances with this score than take the dreaded test again.

Promotion - BEST
Any sort of recognition feels good. But a promotion at work almost reduced me to tears. It even allowed me to achieve temporary enlightenment. Instead of some crazy celebration, I wrote the following hoping to truly express what I felt. Goal is to remember this feeling as I bog down and vie for Vice President...

"The road less travelled is less travelled for a reason. It's incredibly hard. You might want to give up. And maybe you should. But stick it out and you'll realize why the drive was worth it."

Christmas - WORST

I had planned on spending Christmas in Samoa with my mom and sister. We had planned a fun-filled time including overnight stay at Samoa's best beach resorts. Due to some terrible flight operations (shaking my fist at you, Delta!) I didn't make it... And while I spent some quality time with my younger brother and his family, I couldn't shake the feeling that I missed an amazing opportunity in the homeland.


  1. love this format... i usually do a 25 most intriguing events/people (stolen from people magazine) in my journal but i skipped it in favor of... SLEEP. lol...

    Happy New Year!


  2. LOL, I love this one Lai. And the car... don't worry I never judged you, i love it!! Miss you. Lunch for real. haha XoXo

  3. Ahhh I feel the same way about Revenge. Also I am kind of jealous of your new roommate given the fact I had honorary status for a short time... Cue Billy Ray Cyrus song "It Coulda Been Me"

  4. Loved this blog, great to remember the good, the bad & the ugly!!! Lol...the ugly being ur car!!! Lmbo Jk I meant Vanity!!! Hahaha Jk I love u Vanity, she really is the best :)

  5. hahaha.. I love the way you think... write and throw around your sassy attitude! Dont trip about your car my Rambo is ghetto and Loud as hell... I love Van too! I can only imagine you two! miss seeing you around!!! Love your blogs!!