Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The One About The Phone...

I walked out of the stall and stood over the sink examining myself in the mirror. Not too shabby, I thought as I washed my hands. These fluorescent lights probably made me look worse for wear. Like how video cameras add ten pounds… (how many cameras were on you? --- Friends, anyone?) Unfortunately, these personal ramblings were interrupted by my cell phone’s piercing ring tone. I fished it out of my pocket, punched the answer button and attempted to cradle the phone between my raised left shoulder and ear.


That’s as far as I got before the phone slipped off my shoulder and bounced wildly on the floor tiles. I watched in silence as it (in almost slow motion action) slid under the nearest stall and stopped short of a pair of brown loafers below black bunched up pants…

I froze in horror – completely unsure of what to do next. During this moment of indecision, a (very pale) hand slowly picked up my cell phone and slid it back to where I stood. Realizing that I needed to leave immediately for fear of an awkward face to face encounter, I quickly grabbed a handful of napkins to contain my phone and hustled out the door.

Back at my desk, I borrowed a colleague’s sanitizer and disinfected my phone. I think I saw the Good Samaritan pass my desk after noticing the tan loafers and black pants from behind. I silently prayed that he be blessed with good luck for returning my phone without incident and/or embarrassment. I mean, it could have been much worse…

Puerto Rico in less than 24 hours!!!


  1. that is sooooooooooooo funny!!! i am laughing VERY LOUD @ my desk.

    AKA NeenaLove

  2. hahaha same here, HILARIOUS! thanks for the laughs