Monday, February 21, 2011

The One About the Junkie..

I am addicted to tv (please utilize confession for my intervention) - specifically tv shows based on any of the following themes:

- set in high school/college (dizzying interactions between popular and nerds preferable)
- steeped in vampire/paranormal folklore
- involves highly trained government operatives
- competitive reality based shows (highlighting overly dramatic models, chefs, fashion designers etc.)

This past three day weekend, I watched 19 hours of tv. Yes, I had one of those couch surfing weekends. It was glorious! Around hour 5, I savored tasty sesame chicken and beef broccoli from a local chinese restaurant. After a nap and break to attend church services, hour 11 allowed me the opportunity to test out Pizza Hut's new Big Dipper special (2 Thumbs Up!). But I was somewhat productive... I washed dishes and did 5 loads of laundry during commercial breaks... haha.

And until I win the lottery and voluntarily resign from the labor force, I'm excited to compete at work. One recent development in my life is the acceptance of my career (including it's demanding hourly obligations) as a lifestyle --- my lifestyle in fact. Of course I'm not a robot. I'll need these couch surfing weekends to reboot for the week. But I'm interested to see how this new perspective affects my professional experience. Stay tuned, folks... In the meantime, I've summarized other updates after the jump. Can't wait for PR!

What's In:
- Puerto Rico Vacation (March 18-22)
- Mourning end of Greek
- Usana shakes
- Gym (Planet Fitness)
- The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest

What's Out:
- Las Vegas Weekend (Feb 11-13)
- Excitement over Glee
- Whey shakes
- P90x
- Mockingjay

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  1. i love it! You forgot to mention that hour 12 and 13 you were at Lumpys with out me!! ;) LOL