Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The One About A Fanged Bride...

I was enthralled with Shoney Hixson the first time I saw her. In October of 2002, she soloed Take 7's, Gonna Love You Right in full vampire regalia. As much as I loved that song, I was completely distracted by her blood red lips and sharp fangs. You try saying, Gonna Love You Right, and imagine how much sexier you'd be with fangs. I should know, I bought fang implants the next day and tried it out. haha. Okay, I really didn't. But I regret not trying...

Fast forward to this past Saturday and I'm watching Shoney glide down the aisle of First Presbytarian church in Oklahoma City. The rest of the wedding carried on quickly and my backup wife (if we're not married by 30, we're taking the plunge) and I drove to the reception excited to start celebrating. Highlights: Shoney's surprise musical number, being adopted by Shoney's Aunt Janet, racy pictures in the photo booth, open bar, amazing wedding cake.

As part of the wedding party, I could not deny the genuine love between Shoney, Ray and their loved ones. It was truly a pure union of two individuals and their families. Congrats again! I hope Shoney took my advice. I recommended her taking fang implants to Aruba for their honeymoon... hahaha.

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