Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The One About Popped Balloons...

Life P.A (Post Arrest...) has been a non-stop roller coaster ride - half tea cup ride from Disney and half Goliath from Six Flags. Good News: Cleared warrant (see last post regarding arrest) for only $50. Bad News: Canceling trip to India with friends, Tyrone and Vaman. We had planned this trip since February. I was most excited at waking up in Bangalore to the smell of curry and cinnamon, strolling past exotic street vendors or occasional snake charmer, and waiting for a Bollywood musical number to spontaneously evolve from the beat of a simple bongo drum.

Yeah yeah, I know. All Indian cliches... But I'd gladly join in on the 2nd 8-count of that Bollywood routine if it ever happened. haha.

At my church's Family Home Evening (weekly program designed to strengthen individual and communal relationships) on Monday night, we were split into four teams and forced to construct a tower using balloons and tape. The catch? Teams had to do this all while remaining completely silent. A representative from each team received the instructions/materials and attempted to mime directions to the team. As one of the moderators, I was to monitor my team and pop a balloon each time they made a noise. And of course, I took my job seriously. Sorry team, even sighing is a noise. POP. Saying sorry to me? POP. In total, I popped six balloons. And the completed tower looked more like a misshapen upright hook... But I was more intrigued with my group's behavior. Every balloon popped did not ever detract them from building the tower. Sure, they glared at me like they wanted to pop me. But they did not once turn on each other or the noise offender - what I had believed was inherent human behavior. They were more concerned with the larger picture regardless of minor setbacks.

With all that's happened in the last two weeks, it seems like I've only been hearing the sound of balloons popping. Phone lost? POP. Car Impounded? POP. Losing ticket to General Conference? POP. Extremely embarrassed at being arrested in front of coworkers and knowing it circuited the ranks, I took time off from work to lay low at home. Combined with other self-punishing behavior as a result of these setbacks, I'm relieved to learn that this behavior is really detrimental to my progress. My reaction to these mistakes is my own choice. It took popping balloons for this realization to surface. Here's to constant education and hoping I actually make it to India someday. Anyone want to meet me at Star of India for lunch in the meantime? My treat.


  1. You WOULD totally join in a spontaneous Bollywood dance...too bad you aren't going to be able to go to India, that would have been amazing. And sorry about all the Pops in your life right now. Things can only go up from here! =)

  2. You can take on anything Lai! :) Hang in there... Sorry you've been experiencing all these POPs! Maybe we'll need to POP one of our own one night ;p On Matt! Hahaha!

  3. Loved this last installment Lai! Your obstacles reaffirm for me how fragile we all are--I've had my share this past week but feel like in the end, we become stronger and more accepting of our own limitations and shortcomings as human beings. Keep the faith!