Saturday, May 3, 2014


It registered today that I've been in Samoa over three months now... Crazy! Have lots to update on but I'll share one piece now.
Two months ago, I joined the Samoan National Pasefika Orchestra (SNPO). Having learned the clarinet in intermediate and played sporadically at high school assemblies (all-boys catholic high school band always needed help...), I anticipated only playing the clarinet in the Orchestra. However, the Orchestra possesses a number of unused instruments as membership hovers around 10 members. Instead of waiting for more musicians (finding dedicated members is a problem here...), we realized it made more sense to learn these instruments ourselves (duh, right?). I have since taught myself to play the bassoon AND cello. Freakin' random, huh! 
We've already performed one major concert for government officials but I'll post pics/videos from the next one (which will include a bassoon solo from yours truly...)  

Back in the States in two weeks. Will be interesting to see how different it is... 

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