Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The One About EP...

I remember when I first discovered my love for singing. It was when Whoopi Goldberg told Lauryn Hill that if singing was the first thing she thought of after waking up in the morning, singing was her true passion. (anyone know what movie?) I definitely empathized. Not that I wake up every morning singing... I don't live in a musical. haha. But I'm always humming a tune during my morning routine. Will even belt a couple melismas if its a great morning.

This last weekend, I was part of Everyday People's 25th Reunion Show. Everyday People (EP) was the college a cappella group I sang in during my undergrad years. We wore all black, wailed soul, r&b, and Motown classics and even traveled the world. Seriously. I've toured the east coast (DC to NYC), Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas and Hawaii with the group. That's pretty impressive for a financially independent student group.

There are a number of groups and communities that I have been affiliated with over the years. One group I will always have time for is EP. Not only was I constantly enveloped in music but heftily supported by great friends. Trust me, you'll always be close to those you sing oohs and aahs with... haha. EP25 allowed me to reconnect with old friends but also remember how much I enjoy singing. Will attempt something musical until EP30. Aca-amazing.

                                                 25 Years of Everyday People


  1. OMG we watched Perfect Pitch last weekend and I thought of you the whole time!!

  2. Sister Act 2: Back in the habit! lol

  3. "Singing does not put food on the table. Singing does not pay the bills. Singing is no guarantee to a future, even if you have got talent."