Monday, May 9, 2011

The One About A Zag...

I spent part of this past weekend in Spokane, Washington attending a childhood friend's graduate commencement from Gonzaga University. I've known Jihye Jean since 1994 when we lived across from each other in BYU Hawaii's student family housing (TVA). As recent immigrants from Korea, Jihye's family was similar to mine as we had also only recently arrived from Samoa.

After pulling into Jihye's garage, I was immediately struck by the very familiar smells of kimchi, soy sauce and frying oil - reminiscent of lazy TVA afternoons sharing these ethnic dishes with the Jeans. Coordinating all of the cooking was Jihye's mom. Similar to a clucking mother hen, Mama Jean busily dictated our chores, culinary techniques and life advice. Not that I cared. She continually fed me manapuas, roti, vegetable jun, and oranges while pumping me for information on Jihye's love life and potential soulmate. You would have spilled too if you were bribed with sweet roll manapuas... haha. All in all, the weekend was jam-packed with non-stop comedy (Caryn and Karess were equally entertaining) while witnessing how far we've come individually.

Congrats G! You are one of the hardest working people I know. As I learned on Saturday, it's the Gon"ZAG"a way. Cue the bagpipes!

This could be your therapist...

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  1. Awww you are such a good friend. My family barely came to mine commencement..... Miss you!